500,- Euro donated for day care center and primary school Grünsfeld

Grünsfeld. BOHLENDER GmbH recently won the second prize of the Main Tauber district’s future award. The prize money of 500 Euro was donated by managing director Volker Bohlender to the day care center „St. Marien” of Grünsfeld.

Thanks to the cooperation with mayor Joachim Markert the money could be used to buy two goals for the common football field of day care center and primary school. Katja Baumann, head of the day care center, was happy to have these goals simultaneously to the beginning of the football EM. “For me it was important that the money is used regionally. I like the concept of a common meeting place of day care center and primary school. The children can get to know each other which makes the transition from day care center to primary school easier”, said Volker Bohlender during the symbolic check handover. Mayor Joachim Markert also pointed out the great synergy effects of the two neighboring institutions and was happy about the new attraction for the children in their outdoor area.