Grünsfeld. Besides the already existing product brands at company BOHLENDER, BOLA and SICCO, a new brand has now been developed for safety solutions in HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography).

Products for the HPLC can be used versatile in all fields of chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceuticals. HPLC is an analytical method to separate substances out of a probe. Typical applications are e. g. the analysis of medicine or hazardous substances in the environmental analysis, purity control of industrial products and smooth chemicals. The HPLC field is not a new topic for BOHLENDER at all, as they have already produced Exhaust Filters, Air Valves and many other products as supplier of company SCAT Europe in Mörfelden. Until some years ago, the BOHLENDER GmbH held shares of SCAT Europe, which have been sold meanwhile during succession plan.

Due to these changed basic conditions, a new product range for safety solutions in HPLC was developed on the Waltersberg in Grünsfeld which is shortly to be launched. The new products will be merchandised under the new BOHLENDER brand „”. It stands for the English words „be“ and „safe“.

The market launch of the new products is shortly before and should be presented to the international audience at the laboratory trade fair „analytica“ in Munich end of March. Because of the current Corona Virus, the trade fair was postponed to autumn. Now, other marketing instruments have to be used to establish the new BOHLENDER brand on the market. Through the employment of some qualified personnel from the HPLC sector, BOHLENDER gained important know-how.

The new HPLC products stand for more comfort and easier handling thanks to many putative small further developments. Sales Manager Irene Fischer sees large potential with the new brand „“ in the HPLC sector: „The essential benefit for the user is the possibility to buy products for HPLC directly at the manufacturer and to save time and costs through no other distributors.” The recognition factor for the new products is the colour yellow. Even the slogan explains the content of the products: „Great benefits in small details. Sophisticated safety solutions for the HPLC. Easy. Better. Directly from the manufacturer.“