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BOHLENDER's commitment for the environment

BOHLENDER takes its responsibility for the environment seriously. Our responsibility is not only a respectful handling of natural resources but also avoiding waste and integration of recycling in the production process.

BOHLENDER's commitment for the environment
  • Even during the machining of PTFE (e. g. drilling, turning or milling) all cuttings are collected by means of suction through a special tube system directly on our machines. All chips as well as remnants of semi-finished items are sorted according to their purity and stored contamination-free in large containers before later being recycled. During recycling, all chips and remnants are converted by a specially developed process into usable semifinished items.
  • With regard to the environment, disposable products are no longer in our mind. Therefore all our products are designed for long-time use.
  • Generation of chips can be avoided by using moulded parts. In addition, moulding reduces the consumption of PTFE powder and energy.
  • Products made of the most common fluoroplastics are free of plasticizers and solvents. Thus, they are not harmful for the environment.

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