A chronicle of BOHLENDER – since 1959

For more than 50 years, BOHLENDER has supported labs worldwide with their projects by quoting high-quality BOLA and SICCO products. There we act as a reliable partner trying everything possible and solving problems backstage. Most important for us is to satisfy our customers being researchers, scientists and lab experts.

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary in 2009, we drew our customers´ attention to the BOHLENDER company chronicle. It shows our pride on the achieved and thanks our loyal colleagues, customers and partners. Furthermore, it is an appreciation of my parents´ lifework. Without Hermann and Gertrud Bohlender, such a great chronicle never would have been possible.


With this chronicle we especially give our promise to you: We from BOHLENDER will reach for the progress with great enthusiasm as we have done it since 1959. Therefore we will continue this chronicle still after our anniversary.

Enjoy our company´s history!
Volker Bohlender

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BOHLENDER chronicle movie

A success story sinsce 1959


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Grünsfeld. Besides the already existing product brands at company BOHLENDER, BOLA and SICCO, a new brand has now been developed for...

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